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Creativity and respect drive us to produce films that engage and inspire.

Documentary filmmaker Neal Broffman has spent his career filming, editing and producing stories around the world. Based abroad his early work covering international news stories led to a keen desire to tell stories that have, at their core, a foundation built upon human interaction – how we live in community.

Neal’s 2015 award-winning feature documentary Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi had its international premiere at Hot Docs in Toronto and subsequently was screened in dozens of film festivals in the US and abroad. The film was broadcast in the United States on Al Jazeera, the CBC in Canada as well as in Israel, Denmark, France and other countries. Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi is available on Amazon, Apple TV, and other streaming services.

In 2020 Neal and Elisa completed the feature documentary Welcome to Pine Lake. Neal filmed and edited the documentary and received a Producer’s Guild of America designation for his work on the film as a producer. Welcome to Pine Lake was acquired by ViacomCBS and is available on Paramount+.

Wasteland, a four part documentary series completed in 2022, is available on Paramount+. The series takes a fresh look at the underlying systemic problems that have exacerbated this country’s collapsing sewage infrastructure. As a direct result of the series the City of Mount Vernon, NY received a $150 million grant from the State of New York to fix the crumbling sewage pipes beneath the streets.

Of the work Neal has done, he is most proud of his extensive experience filming, editing and producing global health stories across East Africa, Asia, and South America. Filming courageous front line health workers, and their patients, is a source of inspiration that informs the emotional aesthetic at the center of all of Neal’s work.

Emmy Award winning producer Elisa Gambino brings an extraordinary journalistic foundation to her film productions. Based abroad in Italy and Russia for 15 years, she chronicled major world events for CNN International in more than 60 countries.

As an executive producer Elisa has brought documentary films to most of the major film festivals including Sundance, Tribeca, AFI, and Hot Docs. Elisa is the Executive Producer of the 2021 Oscar Nominated Documentary Short, A Love Song for Latasha.

In 2020 Elisa directed the feature documentary Welcome to Pine Lake. The documentary looks at systemic racism in a small Georgia city. The film was acquired by ViacomCBS and is available on Paramount+.

Elisa’s  short films shot across East Africa, China, Vietnam, India and South America, that focus on global health, have been featured at the UN General Assembly and international health conferences.

Elisa has spent her career committed to telling the stories that matter — stories that bring people together.


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The Daily Beast

“The search may have been for Tripathi, the movie suggests, but it may be we who are lost.”

Toronto Film Scene

“…a tribute to the human spirit…”

One Movie, Five Views

“Director Neal Broffman crafts the narrative into a gripping real life mystery…Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi is a remarkable film on multiple levels…”

The Desert Sun (Gannett)

“…a textbook for documentary filmmaking.”

NBC News

The Real Story of Sunil Tripathi, The Boston Bomber Who Wasn’t

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